Self-professed homosexual MP Svend Robinson (NDP, Burnaby, B.C.) is calling on lesbian and ‘gay’ men across the country to act now and pressure sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act.


Justice Minister Kim Campbell is planning on introducing a package of amendments to the Act this summer. Mr. Robinson wants homosexuals to bring pressure on the justice department to include the special protection which mean and women involved in sodomy and other sexual irregularities desire so much.


Pro-lifer groups are asking members to inform the Minister and the Prime Minister of their opposition.


The same is true for Nova Scotia, where Premier Cameron has promised to introduce sexual orientation legislation. In New Brunswick, the legislative Committee on Human Rights has the matter under study. Pro-lifers are asked to get involved.


In March, Moncton Pro-Life submitted a proposal to the New Brunswick Committee requesting the inclusion into the NB human rights act of the clause “The right to life of every human being including their unborn offspring at every stage pf their biological development.”