What message?

“What kind of message are we sending, that dead women don’t matter, only dead abortionists.” Vicki Conroy, of Legal Action for Women, questioning why pro-abortionists were so vocal about the shooting death of abortionist John Britton but strangely silent about the death of a woman following a botched abortion in Pensacola, Fla.  (Pensacola News Journal, July 29, 1994)

Peaceful protest

“John F. Kennedy once said ‘if you make peaceful protest impossible, you make violent protest inevitable.’  They keep passing laws to stop groups like mine and that just makes the lunatic fringe berserk.” Joe Scheidler, president of Pro-life Action League, responding to questions about abortion clinic violence.  (Western Report, Aug. 22, 1994)

Evident failure

“Throughout the Western world, governments have sought to reduce child pregnancies by continuously increasing the knowledge and availability of contraception.  In Britain, a quarter of a century and billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money after this policy started, it is obvious that it has been an evident failure.” Dr. Margaret White of Great Britain,  (The Wanderer, May 5, 1994)

No quick fix

“I’m opposed to the idea of a trendy quick fix.” Dr. Daniel MacCarthy of Vancouver, who proposed the resolution against euthanasia speaking at the annual Canadian Medical Association convention in Montreal.  (Toronto Star, Aug. 17, 1994)