The US Secretariat of Health and Human Services has announced an end to funding of family planning clinics involved in abortion counselling, abortion referrals, or abortion lobbying. The cut is set to effect thousands of clinics.

Naturally, President Reagan’s proposed revision of the rules governing federal family-planning programs in the United States have outraged abortionists, including Planned Parenthood. Indeed, if the new proposals which were published in the Federal Register on September 1, 1987 survive legal challenges, they could cut off most of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. The revision concerns the $142.5 million a year program (title X funds) for family planning services. The President’s proposals would forbid any federally-funded clinic from “any program that encourages, promotes or advocates abortion” as a method of family planning. Moreover, organizations would be forbidden to have family planning and abortion “services” in the same place.

The rules allow 60 days after the publication in the Federal Register for public comment. Citizens have the right to comment on the proposals, which will be reviewed and maybe revised. The final version has the force of law.