I knew it would be worth my life if it was discovered that I had penetrated the Bilderberg of shakers and movers in the world- but my editor said I had to get the story- even if it might cost me my life.  So I found myself in the hallowed atmosphere of the Bilderberg conference disguised as . . . Joe Clark. Almost everybody I met was too embarrassed to ask me who I was.

The King Ranch, a former sumptuous spa in southern Ontario was the site and was strictly off limits for all media. 120 business and political leaders and heavy thinkers from North American and Europe had come by invitation only for an off-the-record encounter – no resolutions – no votes – no policy statements. Participants included the big Shaker himself: Henry Kissinger. Among those also attending were David Rockefeller – billionaire George Sarlos – James Wolfensohn, the World Bank president, Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Beatrix of Holland.

All had agreed in advance not to give interviews and not to attribute any personal remarks to any person afterwards. Conrad Black was the host for this chummy chinwag of the rich – the famous – and the powerful – and Conrad, I have to admit, was awfully good about autographing any Southam newspapers proffered him.

Anytime these power brokers say that they’re only there to relax – play a little golf – fly ideas – drink too much and discuss Conrad Black’s croquet came – don’t believe them. They don’t come all this distance to play Trivial Pursuit either. I’ll tell you why they were here. (I signed Joe Clark’s name – so I don’t believe that I’m bound by any oath of secrecy). They came to discuss how they were coming along with Henry Kissinger’s project, first revealed on December 10, 1974, to depopulate the world in the interests of “…U.S. Security and overseas interests.”

Good Old Kissinger bought the old discredited Malthusian theory that there were not too many people in the world but too many poor people in the world and too many blacks and too many Asians. And he was going to come up with an easy solution. The 198-page report was called NSSM 200 and dealt with ‘Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for United States Security and Overseas Interests’. In it the U.S. government even bragged about doing their bit “practicing the basic recommendations of the World Plan of Action and that the nation’s birthrate is below the replacement level of fertility.”

The plan called for an massive increase in world-wide abortions and sterilizations in the developing nations, one child program in China, (financed by the USA), good old fashioned bribery (financial aid) for nations who co-operated. Subterfuge was enthusiastically endorsed. Don’t use terms like ‘birth control’, they were warned, use ‘responsible parenthood’ and ‘spacing children’.

They even brazenly listed the countries they intended to depopulate: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Were the people at the Bilderberg conference aware of the NSSM 200 report? I thought I was risking my life when I stumbled to the microphone, (Joe Clark is a bit awkward), waving the 198-page report in my hand, and announced that some dirty spy in our midst had deliberately leaked this report to the media. The bored audience only smiled. This well kept secret – they had known for years. They knew that their captive media would not read the Report – would not believe the Report and furthermore, would not even publish the report.

The captive media regularly publishes propaganda handouts of International Planned Parenthood (and their ilk) of pending world starvation (I read these lies all the time) and never have we been more in a half-empty planet.

The public they make sure, will remain blissfully ignorant of the facts.

Personally autographed copies of the ‘Kissinger Report’ are available free. Just send me the front door of your local abortion clinic.

My apologies for impersonating Joe Clark.

I’ll send him the banquet menu for a souvenir (If I can find out where he lives.).