With this issue, The Interim concludes the series of six editorials on what to do about the anti-life philosophy in Canada.  What have we said so far?

We pointed out that pro-lifers cannot hope to change the current calamitous attitude towards the unborn by pursuing reform placement, step by step, asking for some marginal restrictions on the current death program, while hoping for more concessions later on.

A nation, we said, cannot survive without shared values. Secularism is the death knell of society.  It must be overcome, it can be overcome.  However, this cannot be done through compromise, or adopting feminist language and values, or soft-pedaling the need for confronting untruth with boldness and perseverance.

Finally, new legislation remains a first priority.  Political work, therefore, is not something which follows education; it is educational in its own right and absolutely essential to the cause, no matter how unpleasant this constant confrontation with politicians may be.

All this requires a commitment to radical surgery in the political, legal, social, religious and cultural aspects of Canadian society:

  • In the legal system, we must work for a return of natural moral law.  We must defend it through our actions against the slave mentality of positive law supported by the current crop of lawyers, magistrates and Supreme Court judges.
  • In politics, candidates for public office who are pro-abortion or in any way permissive of abortion, and euthanasia, should be regarded as having disqualified themselves from office.  No Canadian should vote for them.
  • The current sleaze of porn, homosexuality, prostitution, common law marriages, obscenity and cultural decadence in academia, literature, film and television should be minimalized or extinguished through a variety of economic and social measures.
  • In health and education, the Planned Parenthood mentality of no parenthood, no children and “do-your-own-contraceptive-thing” should be exposed and opposed.
  • In religion, there is no more time for a false ecumenism which sweeps under the carpet the most blatant abandonment of Christian doctrine and morality through the adoption of new policies directly contrary to traditional teaching.

If all of this continues, Canada will not be worth having or fighting for.  Spiritual and moral decadence is upon us.  The killing of the unborn is in full swing; that of the old, the handicapped, and the ill are being prepared by our legislators.

The coming of the Christ-child 2000 years ago always was and still is the central event of human history.

“I bring you good news of a great joy…for you is born…a Saviour”  (Lk. 2, 10-11)

The Saviour came to bring peace to all men of good will, but let us note that this is not the peace of doing nothing.  As the Lord told us:

“I have come to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were blazing already!”