For a breakdown of the Canadian numbers city by city, see below.

Good to very good

Media coverage of Life Chain ranged from good to very good, except in Toronto.  There the TV and radio coverage of the demonstration was adequate.  As for the newspapers, the Sun covered both the local and the international side (but gave only 127,000 as the U.S. figures).

The Globe and Mail however, printed a single photo on page 4 with a one-line caption about Toronto.  Elsewhere in the paper, a tiny notice referred to the international aspect of the story.

As for the Toronto Star, it ignored the event altogether.   Later in the week there were two letters of protest and a brief discussion about the omission in the Ombudsman column.

Fortunately, this kind of biased news coverage was not the rule in other cities.  Figures especially from the U.S. might have been wrong, but many newspapers gave Life Chain good coverage.

Among those which placed the news on the front page or on the lead page of their Metro sections were the London Free Press, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, the Vancouver Sun, the Halifax Daily News, the Kingston Whig Standard, the Stratford Beacon Herald, the Journal de Montreal and the Thunder Bay Post.

Papers including the Ottawa Citizen (p.4), the Montreal Gazette, Vancouver’s The Province (p.5), the Moncton Times Transcript also provided photos and articles.