I like Mr. David Peterson. I haven’t met him personally but, seeing him on television, I think he is a man to whom I could relate. He has a sensitive, intelligent face, a gracious manner and there is no trace of arrogance in his bearing. He also gives the impression of being a “family man,” with an attractive wife and beautiful children.

Having said that – and said it sincerely – I have to add that I am sadly disappointed in Mr. Peterson’s performance to date on what Newsweek has described as “the burning issue of the eighties.”  Needless to say, the issue is abortion.

Before the election

Before the recent election, Campaign Life wrote to Mr. Peterson, asking him if he and his party were against the establishment of freestanding abortion clinics – such as the one on Harbord Street. Here is an exact copy of Mr. Peterson’s reply:

“I am pleased to take the opportunity to outline my party’s position on the issue of freestanding abortion clinics. In response to your questionnaire,

“Yes, the Ontario Liberal Party is opposed to the establishment of freestanding abortion clinics throughout Ontario.

“Yes, if elected I will support government’s measures to close the existing abortion clinic in Toronto.”

(Signed) “Sincerely, David Peterson.”

After the election

But Mr. Peterson has not kept his promises. There is no sign of the Harbord Street abortuary being closed and the excuse (given several times by Mr. Peterson) is that nothing can be done while the case is before the courts.

This is not true. I am not a lawyer, but I have consulted lawyers and am assured that the government has the power to close the clinic. So, the kindest thing I can say about Mr. Peterson is that he doesn’t know the law – and he should.

The killing still goes on

During all this time, the killing still goes on!  Human beings are being killed daily at the Harbord Street Clinic and Mr. Peterson knows it. It is boring to open the newspapers daily and read more and more accusations made by the Federal opposition parties to the effect that the Prime Minister is not keeping his election promises and that his ministers are not telling the truth on vital issues. Now we have this very personable provincial premier sloughing off questions by pro-life people with legal verbage – signifying nothing!

Must politics inevitably corrode?

Apart from John Sweeney, is there such a creature as an honest, truthful, promise-keeping politician in Ontario?  If there is, would he/she stand up and be counted?

A government’s first duty is the protection of its people, irrespective of how rich or poor, well or ill, large or small, they may be. The exploitation of the poor in the interests of the rich is not nearly as unjust as the killing of the unborn in the imagined interest of the born.

I am just as opposed to the abortions that are being performed in the Harbord Street Clinic. But Mr. Peterson would be up against the federal law if he tried to stop the hospital abortions. However, here in his own province and, one might add, almost on his own doorstep, an illegal abortion mill is thriving. According to its principal owner and manager, more than 1,600 babies have been killed since it re-opened less than a year ago. Not only does the government refuse to close it, but the Attorney General – who supports the concept of abortion on demand – protects it with the police force.

A model of statesmanship

Sorry, Mr. Peterson. Immediately after the election, I would have been proud to point you out anywhere in the world as “the premier of my province.”  But not today. You have promises to keep and you have not kept them. There are lives you could have saved and you haven’t saved them.

Remember the last words of Sir Thomas More as he stood on the scaffold, “I die the King’s good servant, but God’s first.”  If he had taken the position which you have, neither you nor I would be aware that he lived – or died!”