In March of 1994, the decades-long legacy of Vancouver Grace Hospital ended. Grace was a proud institution, operated by a proud denomination known as the Salvation Army.My daughter Natalie was born there.

But the Army was having difficulty with the brave new world now upon us. Feeling pressured into areas of “medicine” that no Christian would dare contemplate, the Army relinquished control, and on March 1, 1994, the B.C. Women’s Hospital and Health Centre was born.

The next year, perhaps in celebration of the hospital’s new pro-choice and feminist ethos, two children were born at B.C. Women’s Hospital. Not a strange occurrence, you may say. But these children were different.

They were born alive after an abortion at this grand and proud institution. They died shortly after.

In 1996 six children survived abortions and lived for a short time, long enough to be issued birth and death certificates.

Nineteen ninety-seven saw five innocent little babies cheat the abortionist, initially anyway. These children also were issued birth and death records.

And last year … well, the resident abortionists at B.C. Women’s Hospital must have taken some upgrading courses. Only two little babies survived abortions. They too were given the courtesy of birth and death certificates. Not blobs of tissue; not products on conception. Children. Abortion survivors. Babies.

Now, in fairness to B.C. Women’s Hospital, we don’t know much about the circumstances. We understand that no life saving heroics were initiated. But were they just left to die? Thrown in a bucket? A bedpan? The trash?

Most of the children were over 20 weeks in gestation. Their deaths testify to the barbarism of the abortion industry, and the men and women in white coats who think they are God, but who bring about death rather than life.

God’s gift

Now we in the pro-life movement – if we dare state that “abortion providers” are anything but God’s gift to humanity – are immediately condemned and accused of inciting violence.

Indeed, security at B.C. Women’s Hospital abortion wards is tight – so tight that you need special permission and an ID card to swipe even to be on the premises. But these measures aren’t to keep people out. They’re intended to keep secret what goes on in there from the public and the rest of the hospital staff.

The abortionists at B.C. Women’s Hospital don’t want you to know about these babies who cheated them. Reporters following up this story tell me of the utter horror of hospital officials that anyone might discover their dirty little secret.

This fine and proud institution issued a booklet called “Information for Families about Termination of an Abnormal Pregnancy.” In the booklet, the hospital states: “We will try to arrange things so that your decision to see or not see your baby will be respected. But if the baby is delivered very quickly, it may not be possible to shield your view. If you do want a closer look or to hold your baby, please ask your nurse.”

So there you have it. B.C. Women’s Hospital admits, in writing, that the object of an abortion really is a baby. Are you listening Penny Priddy, Judy Rebick, and CARAL?

What are we to think about these late-term abortions? These children stand as a testimony to the moral bankruptcy of the media, who ignore the children’s existence, and as a testimony to the moral bankruptcy of the abortion trade. Advocates point their fingers at the pro-life movement and accuse us of inciting violence because we dare put the words “baby” and “killing” in the same sentence, all the while admitting the truth in secret to their patients.

But more than that. When Christians gave up the operation of Grace Hospital, the babies I have mentioned, and thousands of others, received a death sentence. So the next time, brave Christians, you are tempted by circumstances or pressure to give up or to bow out gracefully from where God has placed you, remember who will fill the vacuum when you are gone.