Attempts to settle the Ontario government’s suit against the pro-life movement have failed and the case will now go to trial.

In August 1994, Justice George Adams issued a temporary injunction which placed restrictions on pro-life activities in front of 18 locations across the province.

The Attorney General’s office, representing the abortion industry, has decided it is not pleased with Justice Adams’ order and will try to seek stricter terms by taking the case to trial.

Attorney General Marion Boyd is demanding a permanent, 500-foot, picket-free zone around all clinics and hospitals which perform abortions as well as at the offices and homes of named abortionists.  Her office also wants to forbid using abortionists’ names on pro-life signs.

Judge Adams has reserved his decision on whether the government must cover the legal expenses of the pro-life defendants.  Any or all coverage of legal expenses will greatly aid the 18 pro-lifers as the case goes to trial.  Lawyers are expecting a costs ruling in the near future.