A recent documentary, Blood Money: The Business of Abortion, exposes the link between the multi-billion dollar abortion industry and the push for radical sexual education and easy contraception. The documentary, which features former abortionist Carol Everett, who spoke at the 2014 Rose Dinner in Ottawa, admits that Planned Parenthood actively targets youth by promoting sexual activity and attacking chastity through contraceptive strategies for teenagers in North America.

While the documentary and Everett focus on the United States, statistics from Canada reveal that half of all teen pregnancies end in abortion while in the United States 18 per cent of abortions are obtained by women from the same age group.

If the marital act were reserved exclusively for marriage, there would be no teen pregnancies. Unfortunately, the idea of the marital act has been skewed by the promotion of sexual pleasure as an end in itself, not only by popular culture, but also by the lessons students learn in elementary and high schools.

According to a study by Guttmacher Institute, about 615,000 woman under 20 years of age became pregnant each year in the United States alone. What is encouraging such unchaste ways in the school systems?

Everett told the Rose Dinner that the business model of Planned Parenthood requires a steady stream of young people becoming sexually active and accidently pregnant. The reality is that many teenagers and young individuals do not think through the consequences of their actions before having sex and do not use contraception correctly or consistently which results in pregnancies, to say nothing of the comparison to youth who save their sexual gifts for marriage.

For the pro-life movement, the response to Planned Parenthood is not “safe sex” but promoting chastity.

Planned Parenthood, formerly known as American Birth Control League, advocates contraception usage and abortion as the “backup” plan. By appearing as if they are helping these young individuals in providing free birth control and condoms with efforts to eliminate STD’s and pregnancies, they have managed to gain a positive reputation. Few people make the link between Planned Parenthood’s highly profitable abortion business which is linked to increasing promiscuity among adolescents, a promiscuity encouraged in part by normalizing teenage sexual activity through the promotion of contraceptives in sex education classes.

Teachers are trusted educators, and naturally the students are led to believe wholeheartedly their teachers. This unfortunately leaves room for incorrect messages to be infused in the minds of students. In the documentary Blood Money: The Business of Abortion former abortionist and present pro-life activist Carol Everett uncovers the hidden truths behind the abortion industry.

Everett describes, “we had a whole plan to sell abortions and it was called ‘sex education,’ break down their (children’s) natural modesty, separate them from their parents and their values, and become the sex expert in their lives so that they turn to us.” She furthered explained, “when we would give them a low dose birth control pill they would get pregnant or on a defective condom because we didn’t buy the most expensive condoms, we bought the cheapest kinds.”

Once they became pregnant, these teenage girls would turn to the abortion industry. “Our goal was three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18,” Everett admitted. “We gave them a low dose birth control pill that in order to provide any level of activity had to be taken at the same time every single day. The girl wouldn’t take that accurately, and if you miss that thing, the protection is out of her system, sexual activity goes from once to twice a week to five times a week. She doesn’t take the pill, she gets pregnant and who does she call when she gets pregnant? She calls us.”

With sex education, not only are children being introduced to the concept of sexual behaviour from a young age, they are encouraged to use their knowledge and become sexually active since they believe they have received the resources to prevent them from the outcome of sexual intercourse. In a way, this teaching on preventative measures when having sex with a partner out of marriage is backfiring as teenage pregnancies are still ending in abortion.

In 2010, there were a total of 64,641 reported cases of abortion in Canada – which under-reports the incidence of surgical abortions — and 8,861 cases involved mothers under the age of 19.

Chastity is mocked by licentious sex-ed proponents, but as the saying has it, “it works every time it’s tried.” Every artificial form of birth control has accepted failure rates.

More importantly, however, chastity promotes virtuousness and prevents physical and psychological harms that unchaste, unmarried youth often suffer.

Jason Evert a Catholic author and chastity speaker says, “purity is not the elimination of sexual attraction, but the ordering of sexual attraction demanded by love.” That’s spiritually and psychologically healthier than so-called safe sex.

 Conchita Mary D’Souza is a summer student with Campaign Life Coalition.