There is justice after all.

For some time now rumours have been circulating about the settlement reached in the Ximena Renaerts abortion case. You know the one, where Ximena was born alive at Buchenwald General in Vancouver and left to die by their courageous medical staff?

Well, risking the possibility that I am showing “disdain” for this fine medical institution, I will venture to tell you a little more about the standard of care many infants have allegedly received.

But first Ximena. The settlement is in the neighborhood of $8.5 million. Ximena will receive proper care for the rest of her life. And that is how it should be, for this is truly a story of how much we as a society have slipped in our life ethic, how the culture of death almost snatched another one from us, but she was much too strong a fighter.

For some reason the B.C. Supreme Court held in check the public knowledge of how much money the hospital must dish out.

As an individual who has had the honour of meeting Ximena, I can attest that this brave girl’s experience is a testimony to what the abortion mentality is, and how it literally infects a hospital and those who work for it.

The Vancouver Sun, which never met an abortion it didn’t like, documented a number of years ago other such claims of live births surrounding abortion. It featured an interview in 1986 where a nurse stated that she saw three children die following abortions at the hospital.

“We were supposed to turn the other way,” she said. “We weren’t supposed to do anything. There were a couple of people – I don’t want to say who – they told us, ‘don’t do anything, leave it alone, it will die.'”

I suppose that someone’s conscience died along with those tiny babies.

I’m told that somewhere there is another child born at this same hospital, who also survived an abortion.

Warms your heart, doesn’t it? But not to worry. Hopefully someone, somewhere, will hear about the Ximena settlement and sue the hospital.

Meanwhile, as I write these lines yours truly is embroiled in a battle with officials at Vancouver General Hospital, trying to get this once-proud institution to release their abortion statistics. The hospital refused a Freedom of Information request and is now fighting to keep secret how many abortions it performs yearly.

The hospital is demonstrating such disdain for accountability to the public that it now it attempts to keep secret simple statistics.

The battle rolls on. In “sunny” Alberta, Canada’s version of the Keystone Kops, the Calgary police, completed their “investigation” of the live births at Transylvania General, a.k.a. Calgary Foothills Hospital. Ever vigilant, police conducted their investigation simply by interviewing the reporter involved and perusing a file sent to them, lovingly, by the hospital.

We now all wait with baited breath to see how the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons has investigated this incident. No doubt the physicians involved will conduct a thorough investigation and will honestly seek the truth.

All I can add is that all the parties involved should remember that Ximena’s settlement was $8.5 million and that criminal charges are very possible.