Interim Staff

The Telegraph newspaper has found that a publicly funded “charity” – and the United Kingdom’s largest committer of abortions – the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, has been facilitating hundreds of illegal abortions on healthy preborns over six months’ age without medical justification.

The newspaper described the racket as “a horrific underground industry” that trafficked with a Spanish abortuary. An undercover reporter found that the abortuary was readily willing to kill a six-and-a-half month preborn child for no reason, and would even kill a seven-and-a-half-month old preborn baby, because it “plays with the law.” (Babies born at six-and-a-half months have a 75 per cent chance of survival.)

Abortuary staff said they falsify paperwork to get around Spanish sanctions against abortions after 22 weeks. They added they have a “very close” relationship with the BPAS in Britain.

The BPAS receives more than $27 million (Cdn) annually to commit 35,000 abortions.

British Health Secretary John Reid said that if there is evidence the will of the British Parliament is being thwarted, and that the laws of a European country are being broken, it is “a very serious situation.”

He pledged that he will investigate the matter if the Telegraph presents him with its findings.