Mr. Gordon Taylor (Bow River): Mr. Speaker, if a nuclear bomb were dropped on Ottawa probably 50 000 humans would die, and every newspaper and every government in the world would call it a disaster. Yet, every year in Canada, some 50,000 human babies are murdered and it is barely newsworthy. Perhaps it is because we do not really realize what happens when a baby is aborted.


Modern technology has enabled Dr. Bernard Nathanson to use a sonogram videotape to picture a 12-week old child in the womb being aborted. A hollow plastic tube with a sharp tip is inserted and, using suction from a vacuum, the foetus starts to be torn apart. The baby retreats helplessly to the far side to escape the device, but it pulls off her legs and disembowels her. She struggles, her head falls back and her mouth opens in agony. Then a pair of forceps crushes the brain, and another child is murdered.


The sonogram proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the foetus is alive. It is a human being. He or she cringes and tries to escape death. We can watch and see the grueseome picture of a child being brutally murdered. The mouth opens in a cry for help. Can’t you hear the silent scream?


Some Hon. Members: Hear, Hear!


March 6 1985