They say that confession is good for the soul. Recently, for the very first time, I found myself actually celebrating an event put on by Big Abortion, Abortion, Inc. Now, before you swamp the hard-working editors at The Interim with indignant letters, let me explain.

A number of years ago, an organization called Refuse and Resist started a PR program designed to undo the natural tendencies of the human race – that is, they sought to make abortion providers look good, even though history and society traditionally found them to be the dregs of society. Hence, the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers was announced to take place, every March 10.

Space does not permit me, to give you the background on the group responsible for this PR exercise, Refuse and Resist. Suffice it to say that this organization, and its alignment with the National Abortion Federation and Medical Students for Choice, should make many of you very, very concerned. Refuse and Resist is not your typical Mom-and-Pop group, and I’ve seen many protests where their hatred of the police was only exceeded by their loathing of pro-lifers.

Anyway, back to my point. I found myself, this past March 10, raising a glass to abortionists everywhere. I am sure you will join me in heartfelt appreciation for at least the following select abortion providers, since they epitomize the life of an abortionist. Here’s to:

Dr. John Biskind, abortionist extraordinaire in Phoenix, Arizona. Biskind is going to be jailed for killing one of his patients, LouAnne Herron, 33, in an abortion gone bad. Of note is the fact that this was not the first time he killed a patient. And he lost his medical licence in the past in Ohio and Arizona. For some reason the medical community allowed him to practice again, probably because he was an “abortion provider” and thus can do no wrong. Biskind was convicted just a few wonderful weeks ago.

Next on our list of toasts is Dr. John Baxter Hamilton, of Oklahoma. Dr. Hamilton was recently charged with the murder of his wife, Susan Hamilton. She was beaten with a blunt instrument, this past February 14 – Valentine’s Day! Dr. Hamilton was, I am told, a regular target of “abortion protests.”

Next is Dr. James Scott Pendergraft who operates five abortion clinics, including two in Orlando, Florida. Pendergraft was found guilty on February 1 of this year of conspiracy, attempted extortion and mail fraud. He faces up to 30 years in federal prison. Naturally, the whole arrest and jury conviction is a set-up by evil anti-abortion strategists. Never mind that the FBI has taped evidence of abortionist Pendergraft. But you know those anti-abortionists, they’re everywhere!

Next on our star-studded line-up for the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers Award is Dr. Rapin Osathanondth, abortionist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the Boston area. The dear abortion provider allegedly told five nurses at a staff meeting: ”I’m going to execute people. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to execute you, Texas-style.”

The nurses were not amused. Hats off on this one to Melissa Kogut, the executive director for the Massachusetts chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League. She’s quoted in a news article as stating: ”I was sorry to read that he’s not going to be practicing, because we do have a provider shortage in Massachusetts.”

How’s that for standing by your man?

I couldn’t celebrate this wonderful day without pausing to think happy thoughts about Dr. Bruce Steir. Steir is the National Abortion Federation supporter who spent some time making license plates in California just last year. Dr. Steir went to jail for second-degree murder in the abortion-related death of Sharon Hamptlon in late 1996. A website was produced, and letters of support from the NAF and even our own Vancouver Everywoman’s Health Centre, were sent explaining how shocked folks were at the “persecution” of poor Dr. Bruce. No one thought to mention Sharon Hamptlon, or Dr. Steir’s previous “difficulties” in life as an abortionist, but those are details not worthy of consideration by those who would protect “choice” at all costs.

And as for the shortage of abortion providers? Why, it’s because so many of them are in jail!

Note to Medical Students for Choice: if you do abortions, you’ll be joining the very best of the very best. After all, there’s no life like it!