Toronto – Picketers at Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary will be commemorating the fourth anniversary of their 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., five day a week, witness on December 10, 1988.  No picketing takes place at the Scott abortuary on Gerrard Street for lack of volunteers.

On September 27, a third abortuary opened in Toronto at Parliament and Wellesley Street (Donvale Medical Centre).  It is called the Woman’s Choice Health Clinic; abortions are committed under the supervision of Dr. Nikki Colodny, a female abortionist who has worked with Morgentaler during the last few years.


Recently, it was announced that the opening date for the abortuary is November 4.

Under the Health Facilities Act abortuaries not affiliated with hospitals require a license.  But this should not prove a difficulty under the present Liberal government whose leaders are anxious to expand abortion facilities.  While hospitals are reducing bed capacity for lack of funds throughout the province, hospital abortion facilities and new Women’s “health clinics” have an almost unrestricted access to funding.

The Colodny abortuary is advertised as non-profit.  Sponsors claim that they will only charge a $125.00 fee until the death chambers are fully funded by the Ontario government.


In Winnipeg, the re-opening of Morgentaler’s abortion mill has led to some demonstrations.  Picketing took place on Saturday, September 17 and again on September 24, when some 400 participants in Manitoba’s League for Life annual walk stopped and prayed.


At the beginning of September, Vancouver pro-abortionists announce the projected opening of B.C.’s first abortuary.  Supporters claim to have raised $50,000.  Vancouver Right to Life Society commented that there will always be people to protest abortions.