EDMONTON: in a July 16 interview in the Edmonton Sun, Iona Campagnolo stated that she has received death threats from the Campaign Life people in Alberta; she told a reporter that she has been “dogged constantly” and that the pro-life people have inflicted “personal attacks that sometimes border on the hysterical.” When asked to be specific, she admits that these ‘threats’ are not provable and that the pro-life people deny that any member of their group would do this. She maintains that she has been pestered for ten years, although the pro-life movement has clearly only been interested in Ms. Campagnolo since she became President of the liberal party – a mere two years ago.

Promotes pro-abortionists

But what was it that brought her to this outburst? All we know is that, on two separate occasions, the Campaign Life movement in Edmonton picketed meetings at which Ms. Campagnolo spoke. The first one, on July 14, took the form of handing out brochures to delegates entering the Edmonton Convention Center during the Western Liberal Caucus. There was no press interest in the pro-lifers, who went unnoticed.

The next occasion, during the open of the constituency office of the Pembina riding only two Campaign Life members attended. Again, in an orderly manner, simply handing out leaflets and holding signs. On neither occasion was Ms. Campagnolo approached, and a Campaign Life member told a reporter that they were there simply to exercise their freedom of speech (something that they hadn’t been able to do until Bill C-169 was revoked) and give the people of that Riding information that they deserved to have. The Riding has a large French-Canadian population who have, in the past, been largely pro-life. The liberal candidate whom Ms. Campagnolo was promoting that day, Bob Russell, is staunchly pro-abortion and Campaign Life wanted to let the constituents know.

Turned on them

For some unknown reason, Ms. Campagnolo turned on the two Campaign Life members in the course of her speech and began to exhort them for their stand went into her “they’ve been dogging me for ten years” routine. The press pursued this tack and the Edmonton Sun interview appeared the next day on July 16.

The “death threat” poly many have it’s dramatic value during an otherwise dull political rally, as was the one Pembina, but it’s nothing more than an old chestnut used by the pro-abortionists for the past several years. It was first stated by U.S. pro-abortionists for who were feeling the effect of the pro-lifers in that country. It’s been used ad nauseam by Henry Morgentaler. It was alleged by nurses in his clinics – and yet not once has any pro-life person been found to be responsible for threats of any kind.

Unless of course…

It has long been held by the pro-life movement that any change in the abortion position in Canada can only be brought about within the establishment. It would never countenance any kind of violence against any pro-abortionist since, by its very nature, the pro-life movement personifies non-violence.

Maybe it just hasn’t dawned on Ms. Campagnolo that, when you take a stand for the destruction of innocent human lives, you might make some enemies. Two lone pro-lifers, at the back of a meeting hall, quietly holding signs does not constitute “dogging.” Unless, of course, you’re paranoid.

Kathleen Toth is President of Campaign Life Alberta