Two events half a world apart to add some extra chill to the cold November days.

In British Columbia the Supreme Court upheld the province’s Bill 48 which severely restricts pro-life witnessing outside abortion clinics and hospitals. The ruling comes on appeal of a January court decision in the Maurice Lewis case, which found Bill 48 to a violation of freedom of expression and religion guarantees. The January ruling was immediately appealed by the provincial New Democrats for whom access to abortion services is approaching Holy Grail status.

The decision to uphold Bill 48 has implications for the entire pro0life community. Many forms of traditional pro-life demonstration, including sidewalk counselling and prayer, may now fall under the list of prohibited activities. OF equal importance is the trial judge’s suggestion that pro-lifers admit to causing guilt feelings in women seeking abortions. Counsel for Maurice Lewis presented evidence throughout the trial that guilt feelings are part of any abortion and are not the result of any pro-life intervention.

And on the other side of the world, a report from the Philippine Medical Association confirmed some of our worst fears. The association found that in a random sampling, nine of 47 vials of an anti-tetanus toxoids were contaminated with a sterilizing agent known as HCG. The toxoids was used in a nation-wide vaccination program aimed at Filipino women of child bearing age. The vaccination program, sponsored by the World Health Organization, in effect sterilized thousands of Filipino women. As well, thousands of women subjected to the tainted vaccines have complained of mysterious side-effects, including nausea, dizziness and vision problems. To date, no one is certain if the effects are temporary or permanent.

It’s almost impossible to grasp the enormity of this tainted vaccine story. This is either a case of gross negligence or an example of population controllers running amuck in Asia. Given the aggressiveness with which some international agencies pursue their de-population schemes, it’s more likely the tainted vaccine business is no accident.

Let’s hope enough voices are raised to unearth the full details of this fiasco. It may be too late for Philippine victims of this ruthless anti-population campaign. Perhaps it will be of some consolation that their sacrifice ensures it never happens again.