Liberal MP Don Boudria has changed his pro-abortion views.  “I’ve now decided I’m against abortion totally” he said.  The member for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell announced on April 9 that he will vote against any law that does not provide full protection for the unborn child.

Boudria said that he had always supported a woman’s right to abortion, but in the future he would do so only if “the mother’s life – not health, life – is in danger.”

I was becoming more and more concerned that the position I had taken was wrong, and that there would be a day when we would look back on what we were ding and think, “My God, what have we done.”

Boudria is the first MP to change his stand since the Supreme Court removed all legal protection for unborn children in Canada.

Boudria met with doctors, viewed films on abortion and talked to constituents before making his decision.  But it was the persistent and personal lobbying by local pro-life groups, he said, which finally persuaded him to take his stand on the side of life.

I’ll probably sleep much better after I announce this to my constituents, he said, and when I announce my decision it will be with pride.