On October 7 the Toronto Star announced the return of Michelle Landsberg as a regular columnist.  “She writes with passion and commitment.  She writes well enough to have won a National Newspaper Award for her columns,” the announcement said.

Landsberg is the wife of Stephen Lewis, who only two months ago lent his name to a group called “Prominent men for choice.”  (See The Interim, October issue.)

Landsberg will be another aggressive anti-life columnist for the Toronto daily.  The Star already has Doris Anderson, Dalton Camp, Robert Caplan, Lynda Hurst, Lois Sweet, not to mention the less aggressive ones such as Frank Jones, Carol Goar and Susan Pigg.

Ray Hnatyshyn

In early October Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced the appointment of former Justice Minister and defeated P.C. Member of Parliament Ray Hnatyshyn, to the highest post in the country – Governor General.  Hnatyshyn is a 55-year-old Saskatchewan lawyer of Ukrainian descent.

Newspapers noted his inability to speak French as a drawback.  The Globe observed that he had served in two ministerial posts “without distinction.”  A Globe article (October 7) reported that:

“Even when juggling the most divisive and controversial issues, such as abortion, where frank comment was impossible, Mr. Hnatyshyn could not keep a twinkle from his eye as he spun out clouds of vague, impenetrable, unquotable prose to inquiring reporters.”

The truth is that Mr. Ray Hnatyshyn was strongly pro-abortion.  Pro-lifers helped defeat him in the 1988 election.  For that reason alone he should never have been appointed to the post.