The last hours of an aborted baby.  Dr. Lawrence Lawn, of Cambridge University’s Department of Experimental Medicine, at work on a living, legally aborted, human fetus.  Some British doctors have been vigorously defending their experiments on live aborted babies after a storm of protest blew up in England when a Member of Parliament told the press that private abortion clinics had been selling live aborted babies for research.  Dr. Lawn was quoted in the Cambridge Evening News as saying, “We are simply using something which is destined for the incinerator to benefit mankind…Of course we would not dream of experimenting with a viable child.  We would not consider that to be right.”  The Langham Street (abortion) Clinic admitted sending aborted fetuses to the Middlesex Hospital (THE PEOPLE, May 17, 1970).  A spokesman for the clinic said that the fetuses were aged between eighteen and twenty-two weeks… Our doctor had to give some special attention to the operation.  He did this at his own expense and dispatched the fetuses to his colleague at the Middlesex Hospital.  It had to be done pretty promptly, but the hospital is only a couple of minutes away.”  In the NEWS OF THE WORLD, for the same date, this same man, Mr Philip Stanley, is also quoted as saying: “The position is quite clear.  A fetus has to be 28 weeks to become legally viable. 

Earlier than that it is so much garbage.”