The attempt by Winnipeg pro-abortionists to have two Manitoba judges disqualified from abortion trials because they do not approve of abortion, has been denied by the Canadian Judicial Council.


The so-called “charges” were brought against Manitoba Court of Appeal Justices Joseph O’Sullivan and Alfred Monnin by Ellen Kruger, Morgentaler’s spokesman in Winnipeg.


Mr. Justice Joseph O’Sullivan is chairman of the Grey Nuns’ Youville Clinic in Winnipeg, which counsels pregnant women but rejects abortion as an option. Two years ago, Chief Justice Alfred Monnin’s name appeared on a 36,000 name petition opposing the opening of Morgentaler’s illegal abortuary.


The Ottawa-based Council made the ruling public in a letter to the Manitoba Coalition. “There is nothing illegal or immoral about Justice O’Sullivan associating himself with the operation of the Youville clinic,” said the letter according to a report in The Leader-Post of Regina (April 24). “ Your complaint is not justified,” the letter said, “and the case is closed.”


The attempt by the Manitoba Coalition for Reproduction Choice is one example of ongoing efforts by pro-abortionists throughout Canada to deny the legal rights of abortion opponents, whether it be of student applicants to medical schools, the right of housewives and churchgoers to serve on juries in abortion trials, the right of Christians to speak out against abortion in public life, or the right of Catholic professors to teach biomedical ethics.