October 11th, 2023 marked the 11th annual International Day of the Girl Child—a day, established by the United Nations to highlight the conditions in which girls across the globe live and to advocate for their amelioration. This is the same United Nations, of course, that welcomes the most brutal regimes in the world into its Human Rights Council—the same UN that, via organizations like UNICEF, has enacted eugenic practices of depopulation across the third world. How fitting that the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women should have used October 11th for the occasion of promoting, of all possible priorities, access to abortion for young women and girls.

To say nothing of the barbarity of abortion itself, nor even of the permanent physical and emotional toll inflicted on the girls who would be coercively steered towards it, one must first acknowledge a blunt but unescapable fact: because of abortion—and sex-selective abortion, specifically—there are now fewer girl children to celebrate. How many fewer? The question is almost impossible to answer but, given the fact that in China, for example, their heinous and barbaric one-child policy was in effect for decades, the number could easily be in the tens of millions, if not the hundreds.

By promoting the brutal practice of abortion, the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women is, in fact, advocating for the continued elimination of women. Genuine humanitarian aid to women and girls across the globe should be given, but the prenatal atrocities advanced by this iniquitous UN committee—in their very name!—should be eschewed, abolished, and universally condemned.