The Pro-Life Society of British Columbia is calling on the Minister of Health to launch an official investigation into incidents of live births following abortion attempts.

News of a BC Supreme Court lawsuit were released the week of April 21 involving a girl born alive at Vancouver General Hospital. The lawsuit alleges that doctors and staff allowed the baby to be delivered in a bed pan then taken to a room where “dead fetuses” were stored.

Notes takes by a nurse document that the baby was obviously still alive.

Ted Gerk of the Pro-Life Society of BC said there are reports of similar incidents in the past.

“We call upon BC’s Minister of Health and BC’s Attorney General to investigate this obvious callous disregard for human life. It is necessary to launch a full investigation documenting such abortion survivors, in addition noting the names of the practitioners involved.

“The callous disregard for life evident in these tragic abortion survivor cases can and should be placed at the feet of the abortion industry. It is they who have fanned the flames of this abortion culture, where even survivors of so-called ‘therapeutic abortion’ are without thought thrown into a bed pan. It is time for the NDP government to affirm their commitment to the protection of all British Columbians, unborn and newly born … especially the ones who escaped the odds stacked against them by abortion supporters.”