“It is ludicrous logic that causes them (the Doctors Billings’) to link abortion and contraception” wrote the pastor of Calgary’s Glamorgan Church of God in January 1987 Interim.

Certainly two famous British abortionists don’t think so.  Let me cite two of many researchers:

  • Dr. Malcolm Potts, former medical director of the London International Planned Parenthood Federation, has written, “As people turn to contraception, there will be a rise, not a fall, in the abortion rate…”

No society has controlled its fertility…without recourse to a significant number of abortions.  In fact, abortion is often the starting place in the control of fertility.”

  • Researcher and abortionist, Dr. Judith Bury, wrote, “As they (women) have become more conscious of preventing conception, so they have come to request terminations when contraception fails.  There is overwhelming evidence that, contrary to what you might expect, the availability of contraception leads to an increase in the abortion rate.”

Obviously, contraception and abortion are inextricably bound together and feed each other.

“Those who practice “Vatican Roulette” are in for thirty years of anxiety,” believes Pastor Chandler.  Obviously the Calgary pastor identifies Natural Family Planning (NFP) with the 1920s Rhythm of pioneer Ogino-Klaus, which is the “Model T” of NFP, but even then as effective as the condom and diaphragm.

This means he is 60 years behind in knowledge.  In a brochure issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Chandler can read that the couple who understands either of the two modern methods of NFP (and is motivated to live accordingly) has as good a means of birth control as exists – short of sterilization.

Chandler observes that “NFP is ethically not a stitch different from contraception in the intent.”  I beg to disagree.

Intention does not constitute the whole of morality: one must also consider the nature and circumstances of the act – or how one implements that intent.

The contraceptive couple acts (does something) e.g., wears a condom, diaphragm, etc., to prevent a pregnancy.  The NFP couple refrains from acting in the fertile time (or deliberately acts to conceive).  There is a whale of a difference.

Rigged by contraception, the one couple modifies, neutralizes, destroys the gift of fertility, for them fertility is a kind of curse.  The knowledgeable husband and wife practicing NFP conjointly, manage their joint fertility by periodic abstinence, by loving self-control, as a gift from God to be generous and responsible parents.  Fertility always remains a blessing, not a curse.  Contraceptors abandon self-control and rely on gadgets.


Further, the man and wife practicing NFP give and accept each other totally as God made them.  That is, they surrender to each other in total, mutual self-giving.  On the other hand, the contracepting pair for one of them at least, modify their reproductive self (selves) and so are involved in less than total self-giving and total, loving surrender.

It is as if a husband told his wife, “I love you but not your baby-making capacity (and vice versa),”  By mutual contrivance and reservation, fertility has to be snuffed out or neutered; the immanent creative prerogative of God has to be positively excluded.

There is a reason why healthy couples often find all contraception gross, unnatural, contrived, inhuman, unloving, cumbersome, a nuisance, or worse, with wives too often used and abused.

And I wonder if Pastor Chandler knows that the so-called “contraceptive” Pill and the IUD are actually abortifacients.  Thus, what is often called contraception by the uninformed directly and unwittingly includes early abortion.  The next generation of pill (RU 486) is clearly abortifacient, as is Schering’s new morning-after pill and other pills now in preparation – making possible bathroom or home abortion.

Contraceptors abandon self-control and rely on gadgets, devices, chemical means or some other artificial extraneous paraphernalia.  Studies who that if a married pair using contraceptives unintentionally conceive they are more likely to abort.  The NFP couple, however, is inherently pro-life.

A pro-life Lutheran doctor in Norway told me “It is the idea/practice of positive prevention that brings on the idea of abortion or the abortion mentality.  Of course, the contraceptor will rationalize away the real difference and link.  “ A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still,” said the poet.

NFP binds

At the Lambeth Conference in 1930, the Anglicans were the first Christians to break from 20 centuries of Christian tradition to sanction contraception.  All Protestants followed.  No nation has ever been able to confine contraception to married life.

If the married pair call contraceptive, sterile intercourse love then one need not be married to have sex, as teens say today, and many act accordingly.  Others just live together in an alternative lifestyle, we used to call “shacking up.”

In 39 years of priestly work, having taught NFP to thousands of university students and married couples I have never known a married pair, understanding NFP on their wedding day and motivated to live by it, to divorce one another.  There is something about NFP that binds husband and wife together that promotes spousal communications.  Most contracepting couples today end up with the veterinarian approach to birth control called sterilization.

I challenge Pastor Chandler to show me a single country where widespread contraception has not led to sterilization, abortion, much fornicating, adultery, divorce, low birthrates, massive VD – and eventually to infanticide and euthanasia.