The recent media disclosure of the site of Henry Morgentaler’s proposed abortion ‘clinic’ has given Alberta pro-lifers impetus to lobby fiercely against its opening at 10141-150 Street in Edmonton.  The site was confirmed as having been purchased by a Morgentaler holding company, Habal Gastion.
“The pro-life movement as a whole will be working hard to keep Morgentaler from opening his franchise in the City of Edmonton.” Noted Susan McNeely, vice-president of Campaign Life Coalition/Alberta.  “We perceive Morgentaler as a violent profiteer who is coming to exploit Alberta women and kill their unborn children for money.”
Pro-life groups in the province have devised ‘Operation Love Them Both’, as a response to Morgentaler threat.  The Operation is spearheading a petition and letter-writing campaign to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who have yet to grant Morgentaler a licence.
Constant picketing at the site is also being organized.  Since the media announcement on January 31, retired school teacher Leo Coyle has faithfully picketed at the abortuary location at least three hours daily.
“The whole thing is witness for life,” Coyle told The Interim, adding, “As far as I’m concerned Morgentaler is a mass murderer and we don’t want him in Edmonton.”
Coyle said that contractors going into the building were surprised to discover that the building was intended as an abortuary.  They told him and fellow picketers that “they didn’t want to do work on it.”
Morgentaler is advertising at present for a ‘clinic director’.  He intends to open either in mid-March of early April.