Biting winds and bitterly cold temperatures did not deter 60 to 70 pro-lifer from attending the first-ever rally in Lloydminister January 28, 1990

The small western city on the boarder of Alberta and Saskatchewan hosted the event which drew supporters from several nearby towns.

The group gathered in remembrance of the day two years ago when in the Morgentaler decision the Supreme Court struck down Canada’s abortion law.

According to Robert Douglas, President of the Vermillion Pro-Life Association and organizer of the rally, the turn-out was excellent considering the event was only advertised by word of mouth.

Mr. Douglas sees such involvement by rural centres as an essential element in the pro-life struggle.

“I really urge that small communities pick up the ball, keep the media informed and the issue in the forefront,” he told The Interim.

Politicians always want to assess “the attitude out in the local community” so that’s where a visible and vocal pro-life presence is so necessary, he said.

And if small towns are united they can “move towards the big centre and surround it like a wall,” Mr. Douglas added.

The event was kept low key and in actuality was more a prayer service than a rally. Douglas feels it went a long way in convincing local people that “we’re not a bunch of radical fanatics,” Mr. Douglas said. “This is sincere concern for the victims of abortion.”