CLC national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas called free abortions for refugees 'sick irony'.

The Canadian government is funding abortion-on-demand for refugees under a health plan meant to provide “emergency and essential health-care,” the Toronto Sun revealed.

In the government’s handbook on the refugee health-care program, which is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), abortion is singled out from all other surgeries, which are only covered if a doctor deems them to be an emergency or essential.

The Toronto Sun reported that CIC is reviewing the program after the paper questioned the fact that it provides, in some ways, more health coverage for refugees than what Canadians receive through provincial programs. For example, the plan covers the cost of drugs, whereas most provincial plans normally require patients to pay a portion of the cost.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who oversees the program, told the Sun, “This program, in my view, should be no more generous than is typically the case within provincial health-care programs.”

Asked how the government justifies abortion in the program, and why abortion is singled out from other surgeries, a spokesman for CIC told LifeSiteNews, “The program is under review to ensure that it is no more generous than what Canadians receive.”

When asked to address the abortion question specifically, CIC said they would respond, but did not get back by press time.

Mary Ellen Douglas, national organizer for Campaign Life Coalition, noted that the government is acting completely within the law, but insisted that “what is legal is not just. We want justice for the child.” Canada currently funds abortions for all Canadian citizens through its nationalized health program.

“Canada is a dying country with 3.5 million babies missing out of the population due to abortion,” said Douglas, whose group serves as the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement. “We have to bring people from all over the world to increase our lack of population.”

“We still can’t bring in enough people to fix the problem, and here, the first thing we offer the people that come in is the opportunity to kill their own babies,” she continued.  “That’s the sick irony of the whole thing.”

This article originally appeared Oct. 5 at and is reprinted with permission.