The abortion issue was raised in East Germany for the first time this year with the coming of democracy and the unification of the two Germanys.

Under Marxist totalitarianism the killing of the unborn on demand was an unquestioned feature of the legal structure.  But in July of this year statements such as “an abortion is always murder” (from legislator Sabina Landgraf) pointed to an evil which Marxism had always presented as progress and advancement.

The Western media, adhering as it does to materialism, registered much unhappiness about this turn of events.

As of October 1990, the battle to restrict or even to abolish the so-called woman’s right to kill her unborn has been postponed for two years.  Until then West Germany will adhere to its more restrictive law, while East Germany will retain its abortion on demand law.

In 1989 there were 72,300 abortions in West Germany (pop 60 million) and 73,000 abortions in the East (pop. 16 million).