German unification took on a new meaning when pro-lifers from both (former) East and (former) West Berlin marched November 21, 1990 through the centre of the city.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, four to five thousand people assembled outside St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in what was once East Berlin. Speakers included the Bishop of Berlin and pro-life leaders.

A special guest was a mother who related how she had been under great pressure of an illness during pregnancy. She refused and the baby was born perfectly normal.

After rallying the crowd proceeded down the Unter Den Linden, through the historic Brandenburg Gate (site of Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing point from East to West Berlin only a year ago), and on to the Reichstag, the old German legislature building, where another rally was held.

After speeches by German political figures, the activities concluded in the late afternoon.

Rescue Outreach members Connie and Barrie Norman of Canada took part in the march. They were part of a group of 40 pro-lifers who made the overnight bus trip from Munich.

The Normans are organizing a group in the Munich area which will introduce rescues at the abortion facilities there.

Berlin pro-lifers have also expressed interest in setting up a rescue group in that city.