A grey car drove over to where Robert was standing outside the downtown Toronto abortuary. A man called out, “Keep your eye on my girlfriend if you see her. She’s got on a blue bomber jacket. Tell her I don’t want her to do it.”

A puzzled Robert asked, “How do you know who I am?” Replied the man, “I’ve been watching you walking about and I figured you had something to do with abortion.” Quick to pursue the contact, Robert asked, “What time is your girlfriend’s appointment?” The man responded, “At noon and it’s now 12:30.” Challenging him, Robert said, “Why don’t you go in yourself and stop her ‘from doing it’.” With that the man veered his car around and parked it in the abortuary alleyway. With the car motor still running, he told Robert to watch the car and the he disappeared into the abortuary.

In less than 15 minutes he was back, followed shortly afterward by his alert girlfriend – wearing a blue bomber jacket. The couple got into their car and in a friendly gesture waved to Robert as they drove away. He says, “There is no way that woman could have an abortion procedure in that short period of time.” Then musing, he says, “Often in saving a baby, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.”