Warning: The following excerpts from a Vancouver Public

Health department brochure contains graphic subject matter.

The Vancouver Public Health department said in a brochure called Preventing Pregnancy that abstinence includes oral and anal sex. The 38-page brochure was distributed in Vancouver schools but after parental protest and media attention was withdrawn.

“Abstinence is a decision made by both partners in a relationship. It means not having vaginal intercourse; you can still be sexually active with your partner by kissing, hugging, body rubbing and mutual masturbation. If you abstain from vaginal intercourse and direct contact between vagina and penis, there is no risk of pregnancy, so birth control is not needed. All of the sexual activities mentioned above are also considered safer-sex which means there is very little risk you will come in contact with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Some people who practice abstinence have oral sex. Oral sex is low-to medium risk for STDs and HIV. Anal intercourse is also a common sexual activity but is very high risk for STDs and HIV, and may be a risk for pregnancy as will. Wearing condoms makes anal sex safer. If you choose abstinence there are many ways you can still be sexual with your partner. Enjoy being sexual—remember to be safe.”(Preventing Pregnancy, Vancouver Health Department pg. 30)

By this definition abstinence is “outercourse” and involves everything but vaginal penetration. Outercourse is just another name for foreplay. To recommend it we are just setting our kids up for trouble and betraying them.

“Disease” trivialized to “infection” by Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada has announced that it will no longer be using the STD (sexually transmitted disease) but will speak of STI (sexually transmitted infection) in its literature, counseling and public relations. Planned Parenthood claims the change is necessary because the term disease creates hype and worry and relegates sexually transmitted “infections” to “a more sinister and dangerous dimension than most diseases.”

Their press release said the term STD is used because of “widespread discomfort with human sexually, past and present.” Planned Parenthood is urging other organizations who are “interested in promoting positive attitudes toward sexuality” to also use the euphemism “infection.”

The January 25 Citizen, published by Focus on the Family, Canada, noted that,
the change in terminology will do nothing to help reduce the current epidemic of STDs and is likely to augment the number of cases by trivializing the impact of sexually transmitted diseases. The fact is many of these “infections” are not curable and will recur throughout an individual’s lifetime, leading to physical and social dysfunction or even infertility.”