There is nothing quite so convincing as a good slogan if it is repeated often enough. Isn’t that the principle on which most of our advertising is based? The slogan doesn’t have to be true to be effective – a half-truth will do quite well.


A typical example of the “half-truth” slogan is the pro-abortion cry, “Every woman has a right to control her own body.” Of course every woman has aright to control her own body but within limits. Legally, no one of us has an absolute right over his or her body.

The laws of society do not allow us to mutilate our bodies or to abuse them by taking drugs. People who have consumed too much alcohol are not allowed to drive a car. Just try “streaking” down University Avenue at noon and you will find that the police will take control of your body!

Definition of a woman

According to Webster’s dictionary “woman” is defined as “a female human being.” Since over half of the babies who are aborted are female human beings, it is obvious that the pro-abortionists are not being honest when they say “Every woman, etc.”

The female human being in her mother’s womb who is aborted is certainly not given any choice as to what happens to her body.

But isn’t the fetus part of the mother’s body?

The theory that the fetus is part of the mother and does not have a distinct life of its own is so outmoded that one feels pedantic in even mentioning it. But it is still being used in defense of abortion, so we can’t overlook it.

Every year at the Right to Life Rally we are treated to the scream of “Not the Church, not the State; women will decide their fate.” We are quite prepared to go along with this statement as long as it does not mean the killing of another human being – which abortion does mean. But just get an earful of this one.

At a rally of women in Rome in 1976 in support of abortion on demand, the following declaration was made: “The body is not to be managed by the doctor and even less by God. The womb is mine and I manage it myself.” If you can’t believe it, write to the Philadelphia Enquirer which reported it on April 4, 1976 (page 4C).

They keep missing the point

In the question of abortion, we are not talking about the woman’s body but about the baby’s. So, speaking about the mother’s right over her own body is missing the point. Scientifically speaking – and that means genetics and fetology – there is no doubt about the fact that the child in its mother’s womb is a distinct, unique human being and not part of the mother.

Common sense

Even without the assistance of fetologists, ordinary common sense should convince any one with eyes to see and ears to hear that the fetus is distinct from its mother. Surely a male fetus is male before it is born.

Can a body be male and female at the same time? Many women carry children who have a different blood type and factor from their own. We know that it is impossible for one body to have two different blood types.

Whose baby?

But probably the most devastating argument against the nonsensical theory that the baby is part of the mother is the report (Los Angeles Times, June 22nd) that a team of physicians at Harbor-UCLA has successfully transferred an embryo from one woman to another. Whose baby is this? Quick, phone Solomon!