The operators of the Toronto Morgentaler abortuary have laid a private charge of mischief against a Roman Catholic priest.

Undaunted by his arrest at the abortuary on April 8 (see story on page 6), Father Colleton returned the following morning with a “Kryptonite” bicycle lock and placed it on the gate at 7:30 a.m.  These strong locks, commonly seen on bicycles, are extremely difficult to saw through.

He then informed the on-duty police officer that he had locked the gate.  The only reaction of the police officer was to remark “Oh, I can see that.”

It was not until 9:10 a.m., some one hour and forty minutes later (and after much futile sawing) that the lock was removed by a locksmith summoned to the scene by the abortionists.

The abortionists have since altered the back gate of the abortuary to make it impossible to use a “Kryptonite”-type bicycle lock to secure the back gate.

Several days later, Father Colleton received a summons.  The abortionists specifically allege that his action constituted interference with the “lawful use of property.”  Father Colleton will appear in court on May 9 to set a date for trial.