A decision by Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Tevie Miller upheld an injunction protecting an abortion-providing “clinic” in Edmonton.

The injunction bans picketing, demonstrating and leafleting within 50 feet of all entrances to Hys Centre, which houses the Women’s Reproductive Health Care Clinic, a facility where abortions are booked for the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The injunction was granted by Justice Miller on May 31, 1989, after a May 24 rescue by Direct Action for Life of Edmonton shut down the clinic for the day. A second rescue on August 17, blocked entrance to the clinic for four hours.

Lawyer Roseanna Saccomani and Michael O’Malley, president of Campaign Life Calgary, challenged the injunction this September.

Justice Miller dismissed Ms. Saccomani’s case in a 44-page decision brought down March 22, 1990. He will rule on Mr. O’Malley’s arguments – which were based on the Charter of Rights – in a separate decision.

Several members of Direct Action researched the case exhaustively and Ms. Saccomani volunteered many hours of her time.

The decision was disappointing as members had hoped that at least sanctions against picketing would be removed.