At a conference on “Infanticide and the Handicapped Newborn” held in the U.S. a few years ago. Dr. Eugene Diamond Professor of Pediatrics at Loyola University in Chicago’s School of Medicine made some shocking revelations.

Among other things, he told the 420 delegates from around the world of the results from a conference entitled “Ethics of Newborn Intensive Care.”

The assembled doctors were asked this question. Would you either be right to intervene directly to kill a self-sustaining infant? The 20 doctors replied as follows: 17 said “Yes” (ie it would be right to kill a child); 2 said “No.” One was “uncertain.” So 85% specially-selected delegates take exactly the same position as did the doctors in Nazi Germany before the War.

Here is a quote from a book called The German Euthanasia Programme by Frederic Wertham (1978): “A further method of child euthanasia was deliberately and literally starving children to death. In most instances these deaths were recorded as normal or natural deaths.”

The book quotes from Ludwig Lehner (later a public school teacher) who visited a children’s hospital in Eglfing-Harr in 1939: “In the children’s ward ranging in age from one to five years. The director, Dr. Pfanmueller, explained the routine. We don’t do it with poisons or injections. Our method is much simpler and natural.’ With these words the fat and smiling doctor lifted an emaciated, whimpering child from his bed, like a dead rabbit. He went on to explain that food is not withdrawn all at once, but rations are gradually decreased. With this child, he said, it will take another two or three days.'”

What price a child?

Dr. Diamond went on to discuss what he termed, “A Dorian Grey-like deterioration among professionals concerned with newborns,” One of the arguments for killing disabled children is that it costs too much to care for them. Dr. Diamond, to take one class, the mentally retarded, noted that children with Down’s syndrome do far better at home than in an institution.

He went on to say that it costs about $12,000 per bed per year to institutionalize a child. About 5,000 children are born with Down’s syndrome each year. To keep them in institutions would cost one-tenth the amount of money spent per year on dog food.

Britain more “advanced”

According to Dr. Everett Koop, Surgeon General for the United States, infanticide is perpetrated even more frequently in Britain than in America. The child’s parents are led to believe that when a child is born with Spina Bifida, either an operation is performed and the child gets well or an operation is not performed and the child dies. This is not the case.

Spina Bifida is not a lethal illness. But it is now the custom in Britain to operate only on the less-deformed children. Doctors joke about putting the other babies on a “LOW CALORIE DIET,” WHICH REALLY MEANS STARVING THEM TO DEATH. This is known as “a process of selection.” Another euphemism for murder.

We will not be muzzled

According to Dr. Gal, “Euthanasia is happening everywhere but nobody is talking about it.” We do intend to talk about this abominable crime against our children. We hope you do too.