Anti-Racist Action (ARA). Arm the Spirit. David Lethbrigde. Allan Dutton. Now these are names of groups and individuals most of you have never heard of.

But you should.

In fact, some of them spend a lot of time talking about you. That’s right. You.

You may not know it, but Canada has a thriving healthy anti-racist industry. One that attracts tens of thousands of dollars, that is, your tax dollars.

So why be concerned? Why should I even bother to mention this? Aren’t we all opposed to racism and bigotry?

It would be fine if these same groups and individuals stopped there. But no, they have set their eyes on another prize … a prize they see no difference in that the fascists they propose to do battle with.

Abortion rights.

It would come as no surprise to many pro-life activists that the left and their “rent-a-crowds” who regularly perform rude and violent acts directed at peaceful pro-life protestors, are members of various communist and anarchist groups.

Take the book circulating around Canada entitled “Neo-nazis and the War Against Women’s Reproductive Freedom.” It’s published by that Mom and Pop collection of groups called Arm the Spirit, Anti- Racist Action and the Jewish Anti-Fascist League. The book, among other things, compares Campaign Life Coalition Canada with the KKK, Neo- nazis … you name them and CLC is in league with “them.”

But these purveyors of “free-thinking” and “anti-fascism” are scarier than the folks they complain about. A lot scarier.

And that’s what you need to know.

Street thugs

Anti- Racist Action is best known in the Toronto Area as a group of street thugs. Indeed, the Toronto Sun’s reporter Bill Dunphy states that ARA “… preached hate” and is “fascistic.” When Nazi supporters received pipe bombs in the mail, ARA refused to condemn the attack, instead they justified it. Author of “Web of Hate,” Warren Kinsella suggests that some of the actions of ARA made Neo-Nazis “look good.”

David Lethbridge, proud card- carrying member of the Communist Party of Canada, and Allan Dutton, anti- Nazi guru, spoke at last year’s conference of the ARA in Toronto. In fact, Dutton was the co-sponsor and got into a lot of hot water when he billed his groups as a registered society, when in fact his anti-racist organization had lost its official status.

It would appear that both Lethbridge and Dutton don’t mind sharing the stage with street thugs and folks who think terrorism is a justifiable thing. But beyond that, Lethbridge is the same fellow that has gone to various presentations in B.C., declaring that pro-life leaders are fascists and Neo-Nazis.

Targeting pro-lifers

I’d be reticent if I did not mention Arm the Spirit. This group links communists, Marxists, anarchists, any “ist” and “ism” group you can think of worldwide. On the net, one of their promoters and purveyors of information is Tom Burghardt, a fellow with the Bay Area Coalition Opposed to Operation Rescue (BACORR). BACORR is an abortion mill “defense” group, that regularly states “Reproductive Rights by ANY means necessary” (emphasis theirs). One presupposes, since the Arm the Spirit web site mentions and supports armed communist resistance, militancy, etc., that the handwriting is on the wall for pro-lifers. Burghardt has even called on pro-abortion supporters to physically attack pro-lifers!

What is obvious is that the anti-racism industry in Canada is being led by the conglomerate of left-wingers, many of whom (but not all) who see no problem with bombs, terrorism and militant resistance. Many of whom also have set their sites on abortion and the pro-life movement as the next area to attack.

And they do it with our tax money.

Government and the media have, for a long time, ignored the violent episodes directed at pro-lifers throughout Canada. Many of us have our own stories to share … but they are ignored in the rush to protect Canada’s newest sacrament – abortion.