Ireland is now the only country in the world that protects the unborn. Maybe Ireland is ‘a little bit of heaven’ after all. And it could be that that is all the heaven that we are going to get in this world as far as nation states are concerned, in any case. The unborn are protected by law in Ireland as well as in the Irish constitution, as of September 7th 1983.

Canadian pro-lifers might reflect: (1) on the situation in Ireland today; (2) on the weight of the dead since 1969 in Canada when de facto abortion on demand was introduced here; (3) and the Morgentaler situation as a focus on the inability of our courts to stop or even control outright cold blooded murder.

There has been nearly as million dead babies since the Turner, Trudeau, Lalonde, & Lang ‘Abortion Act’ was introduced to Canadians. This, by the way of Section 251 of the Criminal Code, has become apparent-CANADIANS DO NOT CONTROL THEIR CONSTITUTION. Therefore Canadians do not control their country at all but have given it up to be run by proxy by whomever gets and electrical nod. We as Canadians have given up control of the ground rules, so we are constantly at war. After all, by simple convention provincial premiers (of all people) can alter the Canadian Constitution. In Ireland not a comma of the constitution can be changed without a referendum.

The unborn are fighting Canada’s civil war. A referendum to entrench the right to life of the unborn in the Canadian Constitution would be the ideal pro-life political situation here in Canada. Meanwhile, the Canadian Constitution is out of control of the Canadian people and the only people we have to thank for reminding us of that fact are the countless innocent Canadian unborn dying in our ‘hospitals’ from sea unto sea ever day. Hundreds of Canadian babies escape this world each week “up the chimney” of hospital incinerators across the country, fighting for life all the way, and all because the Canadian constitution is not in the hands of Canadians. There has never been a Canadian referendum on anything much less on the most important absolute, the right to life it self. Without the right to life enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, the constitution is but a philosophical joke, at the moment a Liberal philosophical joke. It’s no joke to the unborn, dying only to remind us of that.

And it’s no joke that all Canadian women are licensed to kill (by omission in the constitution of the right to life of the unborn) and by law in the courts.

Anyone who can kill the innocent legally has lost all human dignity and is but a monster. This is the degradation our constitution and our laws, combined with our high-tech machinery, have bestowed on Canadian women. Of children, ‘modern’ Canadian law has reduced them to state slaves to be killed at the convenience of the state or the mother or both and often if not always for profit.

The only difference between the status of the unborn in Canada and that of the death camp slaves of Nazi Germany is that the unborn do not work directly as the producers for the state nor are they rented out for a dollar a day to private companies such as BMW or General Electric as camp slaves were during the war. In just the same manner as slaves, many unborn in Canada live briefly only to die (for the convenience of third parties) completely unprotected, completely slaves, and by way of death perhaps paying off the mortgage on some ‘doctor’s’ home. Some doctors are known to ‘reform’ as thy get older and not do any further ‘messy’ abortions after their major bills are paid.

Many people do not realize that the long 10 year rehearsal for the ‘final solution’ in Germany was originated and willingly carried out by ordinary citizens, nurses and doctors without any urging or orders from the state. These ‘ordinary citizens’ aborted babies, murdered the malformed, the insane and the aged and others before they were called to annihilate Jews too old, too young, too sick or exhausted to work as slaves.

So by the tiny little omission of protection of the unborn in a ‘modern’ constitution, this is what can and indeed what has happened in this ‘modern’ state of Canada in 1983. We have tons of state slaves ‘going up the chimney’ every month because they are unprotected people that inconvenience others.

But what has happened in our courts? The Trudeau, Turner, Land, Lalonde misfeasance of 1969 was actually supposed to be ‘restrictive’. So what has happened? Our courts have turned out to be wimps. The process of jury selection has permitted the wholesale slaughter of thousands of Canadians. Because of jury selection, Morgentaler is permitted to publish accounts of exactly how he makes money in a Canadian Medical Journal. (‘Medical’ murder was wide open in Germany during the thirties). Abortion is not a medical procedure, it is simply murder. Our doctors and our women have been licensed to kill and promote killing by the courts, because all ‘pro-life’ jurors at any abortionist’s trial are selected out by defence lawyers as ‘not impartial’. In other word our courts have made it so that by being a Good Samaritan one is unworthy of jury duty. This is why Morgentaler is free today. And, not incidentally, why he will remain free.

Life is an absolute. Life is or it is not. Our courts are not equipped to deal with absolutes, (they prefer opinions) that’s why we have a constitution (as useless as it is today to the unborn). So the lawyers of the abortionists own our courts, signed, sealed and delivered. With a little pre-trial ‘poor-me’ publicity and public feminist (‘it’s my body’) complaint such as occurred at Morgentaler’s press conference in Toronto last week, to soften up the jury selection process even more, the abortionist’s lawyers are just laughing, because they call the shots. This would not be the case if the Canadian Constitution was controlled by the Canadian people.

If the Canadian Constitution was in the hands of the Canadian People where it belongs, we could return a sense of worth and dignity to the unborn and to our women and children, and if a ‘doctor’ were to commit murder he would have to do it in secret or take full responsibility instead of trying to share it with the rest of us by way of our unethical Medicare and our weak courts telling him “yer OK Jack, take the money and run”.

It is only a curiosity, but the blood red stain miscarried to ca copy of the Canadian Constitution last summer appears as the head of a woman if turned sideways. It was reported last week that after two months government workers cannot remove the spot. We at The Interim have nicknamed her Lady Macbeth, as suitable, on the face of it.