Kitchener abortionist quits

Kitchener – Dr. Fred Ufflelmann, the only abortionist in the Kitchener-Waterloo region in Ontario, announced on January 16, 1992, that he had stopped committing abortions.

Some of the women, he said, are undecided, make arrangements, then change their minds.  “From time to time you get pretty discouraged wondering whether you are doing the right thing,” he said.

Dr. Uffelmann was helped along in his thinking about what he was doing by pro-life activists who picketed both his office and that of Planned Parenthood, which acted as a referral agency.

Social Charter

Toronto – Ontario’s RC Bishops have issued a pastoral letter on Canadian unity entitled For the Good of All on New Year’s Day.

They ask for a Constitutional Charter of social rights and reaffirm the Church’s position that human life is sacred, and that the right to life from conception to natural death must be protected in such a charter.

Absolute discharge

Montreal – On January 20, 1992, Montreal judge Jean P. Massé gave an absolute discharge to 62 pro-lifers who participated in Operation Rescue at Henry Morgentaler’s Montreal abortuary in May 1989, after first finding them guilty.

In a written judgment dated December 18, 1991 Judge Massé, quoting various sources, concluded that “abortion is legal and moral.”  “Legally the fetus is not a human person,” he said, quoting the March 1991 decision of the Supreme Court.