A brief survey of Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) vying for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party indicates that all six contenders are pro-abortion.  The leader selection will take place in mid-February.

Charles Beer (MPP – York North) believes that abortions should be done in hospitals.  Abortion should not be “criminalized”.  Although he doesn’t like abortion, it should be available, he says.

Murray Elston (MPP – Bruce) is “pro-choice,” his spokesman said, Mr. Elston was Health Minister under David Peterson.  During his tenure he made plans for easier and wider access to abortion facilities under government auspices.  These plans have been carried out vigorously by the current NDP government.

Lynn McLeod’s (MPP – Fort Williams) policy on abortion is “pro-choice”.  Her spokesman expressed the view that no human being is present in the womb until complete separation has taken place at birth.  When pressed for an explanation of this position, he became aggressive and hostile.  McLeod was quoted in the Toronto Sun, January 2, 1992, “Not only am I pro-choice, I want to see more access to comprehensive birth control services; clinics; women’s health centres; counseling on birth control; family life classes in the schools.”

Steve Mahoney (MPP – Mississauga West) acknowledged he had been brought up a Catholic and doesn’t like abortion but today he feels “it’s a woman’s right.”

David Ramsay’s (MPP – Timiskaming) spokeswoman didn’t know what her candidate’s position was.  A 1985 file has Mr. Ramsay stating that “he is not pro-life and is not sufficiently motivated to speak out on caucus on the issue.”  At that time he was against abortion clinics.

Greg Sobara (MPP – York Centre) personally dislikes abortion, his spokeswoman said, and prefers the promotion of birth control and education to prevent abortion.  In summary she said his position was “pro-choice.”