In May 1985, the Ontario Liberals formed a minority government with the NDP. In September 1987, they won a landslide majority, getting 95 out of 130 seats. In July 1990, they called another election to confirm their grip on power. What is the party’s record on the all-important family life issues?

Item 1

In April 1985, before the election, new Liberal leader David Peterson promised to close Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary. Today, September 1990, it is still open for business and flourishing, protected moreover by an injunction which punishes with immediate arrest any individual who protests its existence, loudly or silently.

Item 2

In 1986, the government enacted a new divorce law calling for a fifty/fifty division of property. It was hailed as a giant step forward. Today, it is denounced as another instrument for the pauperization of women.

Item 3

Also in 1986, Premier Peterson, of the then minority Liberal government, personally threatened fellow Liberal MPPs with political exile if they dared oppose Bill 7, the Sexual Orientation Bill. It passed, with much abuse hurled against anyone daring to speak or write against it.

Today, sodomite bathhouses and bars continue to flourish; “Gay Pride” days receive official approbation; “gay” movies attract thousands at film festivals; “gay” politicians triumphantly announce they are “coming out of the closet;” “gay” lovers demand their co-habitation be recognized as equal to marriage with all the legal benefits thereto; and “gay” professors contaminate the minds of students.

Meanwhile, the AIDS plague strikes down members of the homosexual community with regularity, while extending its terror into heterosexual ranks. (In April 1987, 97.6 per cent of AIDS carriers in Toronto were homosexuals). AIDS research gets priority in budget allocations, swallowing several hundred million dollars annually, which are taken away form other medical research or treatment. AIDS “education and prevention” has led to the installment of condom dispensers in Ontario public schools. Condom advertising on TV further deceives tens of thousands of teenagers into the belief that sexual promiscuity can be perfectly safe. In June 1988, Premier Peterson told school children in Atikokan that he sees nothing wrong with pre-marital sexual activity.

Item 4

In 1987, the Peterson government assigned Marion Powell (a notorious “planned parenthood” propagandist) to prepare a report on the provision of “women’s clinics.” This she did posthaste, copying her recommendations to the federal government of ten years earlier. These called for clinics to promote contraception, abortion and anti-family planning. After the September 1987 landslide Liberal victory, Health Minister Elinor Caplan, re-elected on her pro-abortion platform, lost no time in implementing these “progressive” measures.

Item 5

The Peterson team triumphantly enacted a so-called pay-equity bill, the feminists’ supposed entrée to wage equality. Pay equity, however, does not mean equal pay for equal work (see center pages). It does mean the creation of a whole new bureaucracy, endless wrangling about job increases in workplaces with many women employees such as hospitals and the foisting of quota systems on businesses. Perhaps most painful of all, more women will be forced to abandon home making and enter the labour force.

Item 6

In January 1990, the Liberal government enacted the Independent Health Facilities Act. Conceived by Elinor Caplan as a measure to control “private” abortion clinics, it ended by extending government control over some 800 independent health clinics of all kinds, as well as providing the government with the legal tools to establish its own abortuaries. Caplan wants one in every fair sized Ontario town.

What about control over “independent” abortuaries which was the original thrust of the bill? Toronto now has four of them – Morgentaler’s, Scott’s, Colodny’s and Buruiana’s – with all fees paid by the taxpayer and no questions asked.

How many of the 95 Liberal MPs, many of whom claim to be practicing Protestants and Catholics, voted against this blatantly pro-abortion measure? No one. Fifty-five proudly voted in support; the other 40 were on holiday.

Item 7

Propagandizing by large grocery chains and Jewish lobbying groups charging religious discrimination led the Liberals to alter a perfectly good Sunday rest law, leaving the decision to individual municipalities. The result is, an unconstitutional law and the end of a common day of rest for the family.

On and on it goes. For example, one could mention the emasculation of the Film Review Board to the point of requiring no judgment of any kind, the change in personnel in the Human Rights Commission to ensure more favourable decisions on “gay” issues and large grants to feminist activist groups such as LEAF (one million dollars), but this is enough. Ontario has a government which deliberately and with full knowledge is destroying our values.