Abortionist Robert Scott opened his own abortuary on Monday, May 25. Both Premier David Peterson and the Attorney-General promised that charges will be forthcoming.

“We will prosecute under the law,” said Premier Peterson. “We will use the power of the law not to allow free-standing abortion clinics.”

Plans for the facility were discovered when ads appeared in a Toronto newspaper on May 13, seeking nurses and counselors to help in a “free-standing abortion clinic.”

The official opening of “the Scott Clinic,” Toronto’s second illegal abortion facility, was announced at a press conference on May 25. Abortionist Scott, former collaborator of Henry Morgentaler, intends to do 50 abortions a week.

In response to a question, abortionist Scott admitted that Ontario’s Attorney-General Ian Scott could probably close the new abortuary as well as Morgentaler’s. However, Robert Scott is counting on receiving the same treatment as Morgentaler, i.e. the freedom to commit indictable offences without being charged.

In a later interview with Ian Scott, Toronto City TV reporter Lorne Honickman raised the question why the attorney general has taken no action against abortionist Nikki Colodny, never charged, never acquitted. (Colodny now works in the Morgentaler facility.)

The attorney general replied that the Morgentaler Clinic is before the courts, whereupon the reporter corrected him stating, “No, Henry Morgentaler is before the courts, not the clinic.” Ian Scott, obviously lost for words, paused for five full seconds and finally mumbled something to the effect of, “Well, perhaps there should be an investigation,” and walked away.