On December 19, 1985, Henry Morgentaler filed two notices asking the Manitoba Court of Appeal to quash the April 1985 order of the College of Physicians and Surgeons suspending his medical license.  The suspension was the result of Morgentaler defying an order not to perform abortions without approval and of performing abortions while suspended.

In October, the abortionist had considered abandoning his Manitoba fight for abortion on demand.  In late November, Morgentaler said he had received about $30,000 ($10,000 from a retired businessman) to help pay the clinic’s $3,000 monthly expenses.  This helped him in deciding to keep it open for abortion referrals.

Morgentaler’s notices appeal the September decision of Court of Queen’s Bench Judge James Wilson to uphold the April decisions of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.  The notices claim that that judge erred in doing so.

In November the Morgentaler abortuary was refused the status of hospital once more.  On November 20, Manitoba Health Minister Larry Desjardin stated the province does not need to abortion service.  Morgentaler has accused sundry parties of sabotage and hypocrisy.

Sign of the times

Also, in Winnipeg, Joe Borowski has refused to act on a court order to take down a sign on his health-food shop.  The pro-life sign depicts a graveyard and reads:


Have a place for

Unwanted babies.

But they can’t live there.

No babies, no future.

The city, claiming the sign violates a by-law since it has nothing to do with Borowski’s business, took the matter to court.  But Mr. Borowski argues that the sign belongs to the Alliance Against Abortion which rents space in the building and that, moreover, the whole charge is “politically inspired.”

The sign was defaced earlier by someone who threw cans of red and black paint on it.