There was just the right mix of fun, prayer, recreation and reflection at the recent Catholic Family Weekend July 9-11 at Springwater Catholic Campground, located just northwest of Barrie, Ont.

During the weekend, Pharmacists for Life had the opportunity to dedicate a cross to the memory of children whose lives have been taken due to the effects of abortifacient drugs or devices. About 35-40 children aged nine months to 15 years and 20 to 25 adult campers attended the dedication ceremony. Three members of Ontario Students for Life were on hand to help supervise.

Springwater campground is owned and operated by Victor and Marilyn Carvalho and family. It is unique in its friendly atmosphere.

Special, directed weekends and children’s camp provide ideal settings for people who would like the openness, recreation and ambiance of a Christian camping experience. Included on the grounds is the Unborn Park where people can visit for prayer and reflection about the great tragedy of abortion in our time. Many crosses are placed there, each of which represents one or more unborn children known or unknown. The crosses are generally made of scrap wood representing the way society treats children killed by abortion.

Michael Izzotti, co-ordinator of PFLI Canada, was fortunate to attend the weekend to dedicate a cross on behalf of PFL. The Saturday was designated Festival for Life Day, with activities and talks about life issues throughout the day. At dusk, the campers led a candlelight procession to the Unborn Park, where a short, silent vigil was held. Before the cross was put in place, an explanation for the need to recognize the millions of tiny babies who are pharmaceutically aborted was given, and a prayer was said.

The cross carried the inscription, “In memory of all the children who have died in the first few days or weeks after their creation due to abortifacient drugs or devices.” The following day, Izzotti gave a short talk about PFLI Canada and the situation regarding the use of pharmaceuticals that cause abortion, as well as those that might be used for euthanasia/assisted suicide.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend. Congratulations and blessings were extended to the Carvalhos for their perseverance and dedication to providing a unique camping experience.

Pharmacists for Life Canada can be reached at Box 43508, 180 James St. S., Hamilton, Ont., L8P 4V0, phone (905)528-4828, fax (905)528-5593, e-mail