In an earlier column, I commented on the fact that B.C.’s pro-abortion community refuses to debate or appear publicly with anyone who values all human life.

The head of the B.C. Pro-Choice Action Network, Joyce Arthur, was invited to participate in a debate with pro-lifer Scott Klusendorf. Arthur put on her best brave face and declined the invitation. However, in the days surrounding the proposed event, Arthur allowed us a glimpse into the abortion mentality that governs so much of their activities – or, in this case, their lack of activity.

“Simply having a debate with the anti-choice lends legitimacy and credibility to the so-called ‘pro-life’ position. And it provides a platform for dangerous anti-choice propaganda. We do not recognize as legitimate a position that is characterized by falsehood, hypocrisy, small-mindedness, and intolerance.In an essay entitled Why Pro-Choice Supporters Do Not Debate the Anti-Choice, lovingly placed on the Internet by Joyce and quickly removed after it was forwarded to every MLA in British Columbia, as well as to various news reporters, Joyce allowed us to discover what the abortion industry really thinks of “choice” on the issue of abortion. She wrote:

“Why should we give the appearance of legitimacy to the anti-choice position, when we have our hands full just trying to counter anti-choice misinformation, lies, threats, and violence? Would a Jew debate with a Nazi?”

Joyce acknowledges the strength of the pro-life position, a position she knows she cannot defeat when she labels information on the humanity of the fetus as “dangerous anti-choice propaganda.”

‘Reasonable, moral’

She continues: “In contrast to the anti-choice position, being pro-choice is the reasonable, moral, middle ground on which most people stand. The pro-choice position is inherently democratic and protects everyone, because whether you like abortion or not, you’re responsible for exercising your own choice. The right to choose abortion should not be subject to the whim of the electorate, for two reasons. First, access to safe abortion is a fundamental health issue for women – their lives depend on it. Second, abortion is a private moral choice that cannot be legally restricted without a substantial loss of women’s basic freedoms and civil rights.”

Here you have the crux of the issue. The so-called pro-choice position includes no choice for Canadian voters.

Once again, this adds fuel to our claim that the abortion industry in North America has nothing to do with choice but is inherently pro-abortion. You must support abortion whether you like it or not; hence, a referendum on abortion funding is unthinkable.

The whim of the electorate? Whatever happened to democracy? It does not exist in the world of the pro-choice movement. It’s pro-choice or no choice.

Joyce sums up the new strategy of Canada’s abortion industry thusly: “In North America, the ‘debate’ over abortion happened decades ago in our courtrooms, and the anti-choice movement lost. The debate is over – the task of the pro-choice community now is to protect and enhance the legal right to abortion, and educate people on the necessity of legal abortion.”

Don’t you agree that this is a fascinating look into the mindset of the elite? So convinced are they of their total victory, they now boast and attempt to rub the noses of the Canadian populace into their world of “choice.” That’s why folks such as Bonnie Johnson of Planned Parenthood are having such a difficult time explaining why sex-selection abortion is wrong. She can’t because she knows she herself helped create this new world where “choice” (that is, their choice) reigns supreme.

But how to counter this disturbing trend toward fascism? Spread the word. Cut and paste these priceless quotes in your newsletters. Thinking of starting the process toward an abortion-related referendum? Quote Joyce Arthur and allow all Canadians the opportunity to see what the pro-choice movement really thinks of democracy.