In an exclusive interview with The Interim, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, on a whirlwind visit to Toronto recently, predicted that the police and abortionists would escalate their brutality.  Especially the abortionists, he said, if they lose in the Supreme Court in the United States.

He said that nobody is doing enough.  He urged the escalation of Operation Rescue.  He reminded me that he himself organized campaigns demanding abortion rights with parades, sit-ins and letter-writing, etc. in 1967, 1968 and 1969, and these were highly successful.

Nathanson was not unduly optimistic about the repeal of Roe v. Wade decision saying that if there was a pro-life victory in the United States, that the abortion issue would just be handed back to the individual states for action.  “Nothing greatly significant was going to happen.  Abortion was certainly not going to be prohibited,” he said.

Dr. Nathanson described the Time’s recent front page article as “transparently pro-abortion” and said that Newsweek’s abortion article was a little fairer.

He admitted everything helps, but we have to be prepared to go to jail (he has already); we have to mean business.  If you don’t believe people are dying in abortion clinics, then there is something the matter with you.  We have become too adamant, implacable and militant.