Although I am the founder of the NDP in Thompson, Manitoba, and a former cabinet minister in the Manitoba NDP government under Ed Schreyer, today I feel nothing but contempt for Mr. Broadbent and his Party’s policies. Their agenda is rife with anti-family, anti-life proposals, e.g. decriminalization of illegal drugs, legalized prostitution and, worst of all, a declared open-season for the killing of the unborn.

At the 1983 convention in Regina the New Democrats ratified their policy to legalize all abortions right up to the moment of birth, and voted to support Henry Morgentaler in his efforts to defy the laws of Canada (laws he took an oath to obey when he became a Canadian citizen). They also voted to press for Morgentaler-type, walk in commercial abortuaries like the ones in Quebec  (and the try-ons in Winnipeg and Toronto) right across Canada. No other party is so radically anti-life as he NDP which obviously regards one baby butchered to death every five minutes of every hour and of every day as far too few abortions.

Big Brother Broadbent

Broadbent’s statement in the television debate Wednesday, July 25, was mind-boggling. Big brother allowed women who did not want an abortion the right to have their babies! Big deal, Ed. Aren’t we lucky that we have not yet gone as far as the Chinese who have to have permission from the local commune before they can have a child? But we’re getting there fast. Give Ed a little more time before he spells out the reasons why you must have an abortion: handicapped child, too many children in the family  — etc. etc.

The latest enemy of the unborn is not Morgentaler, it is the politicians who make it possible for the Morgentalers to function outside the law.

If you really want hundreds of Morgentalers and death clinics vote NDP.

If you are pro-life then vote and work for your pro-life candidate. (There are only three known pro-life NDP candidates.)

Joe Borowski is a former NDP cabinet Minister