Pro-life activists in Nova Scotia are shedding no tears at the defeat of Tory Premier Don Cameron and his government in the provincial election held at the end of May.  Leader John Savage swept his Liberals into power and CLC spokesperson Cynthia Haughn said there are “some hopeful things” about his victory.

“Maybe John Savage will at least look at the issue,” she said after the election campaign.  Cameron never replied to repeated requests to discuss his government’s stand on public funding of abortions.  In response to a petition signed by 20,000 Nova Scotians to stop public funding of abortions he sent back a form letter.

At the same time, she adds, Savage is not committed to respecting life even though thee are several members elected who “we have developed a rapport with and we can work with.  John Savage declares himself to be one of those personal pro-life people.”  But he announced during the campaign he would ensure abortion remained covered by the health care system.

Savage, a Catholic, is a medical doctor and father of seven children.

Cameron won his seat but immediately resigned creating a vacuum in the provincial P.C. leadership.