BURLINGTON, Ont. – The Halton Pro-Life office has put the finishing touches on a project to erect a right-to-life billboard at a high-traffic intersection of the southwest Ontario city.

The billboard features a photo of in-utero child on a black background with the words “This is a child, not a choice. There are positive alternatives to abortion.”

The 20 x 10 foot billboard also refers to a 1-800-help line for anyone facing a crisis pregnancy. The help-line connects callers to the Alliance for Life organization’s Manitoba-based office.

Camilla Gunnarson, resource manager with Halton Right to Life, said the idea for a pro-life billboard originated in July. Gunnarson made inquiries with a number of display advertisers before committing the organization to the final project.

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was once we looked into the project,” she told The Interimsaid.

Halton Right to Life has a six-month contract with Gould Outdoor Advertising to display the billboard. It will be moved to different locations within the Halton region every six weeks.

In addition to Burlington, the billboard will be displayed in Acton and Georgetown. Original plans also called for the billboard to be displayed in Oakville, but a local bylaw prohibits billboards of any kind in that city.

The billboard project has been assisted by Halton Right to Life’s fundraising surplus, and by the support of an anonymous local benefactor.

Gunnarson said the project will cost Halton Right to Life nearly $900 each month. Although the project comes at a high price, she believes it is money well spentd to get the right to life message to a wider audience.

“We were told by the advertising people that the sign will result an average of 18,000 impressions each day during the course of the contract,” Gunnarson said. “With that kind of exposure, we’re hoping more people who might not otherwise have been exposed to the pro-life message will give it more thought.”

Gunnarson also expressed hope that other right to life organizations can find the resources to take on similar projects.