In the most recent development in the Pastor Nessa case (see The Interim, October 1991), it appears that the Norwegian government is becoming even more intransigent in regard to the country’s liberal abortion law.

An October 12, 1991 letter from Pastor Tom Haenglse reveals that Pastor Lugwig Nessa, an outspoken opponent of Norway’s permissive abortion law, was refused the right to appeal to a higher court his conviction for not adhering to Lutheran church discipline.

“Now his future is uncertain,” writes Pastor Haenglse, a fellow Lutheran minister and colleague.  “He is deprived not only of his post as minister in Borge parish, but also his ordination rights.  By official church authority, he is considered to be a layman.  We colleagues who make use of him as an ordained minister are threatened with disciplinary punishment.”

In the meantime, Pastor Nessa is still trying to repay almost $100,000 in legal costs he has incurred in defending himself and launching his unsuccessful appeal.

Pro-lifers who want to show their support to Pastor Nessa may reach him through Pastor Tom Haenglse, 1745 Skjeberg, Norway.