“Indifference to evil strengthens evil.” Elie Wiesel, in an interview to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, (CBC’s Prime Time Magazine, January 25, 1995.)

Stopping the plague

“It’s a plague that exploits, degrades and inflicts violence on children, women, men and families.  It is an evil that contributes to the inter-related problems of sexual violence, child victimization, child prostitution and sexual exploitation.” From the first international conference on pornography “Protecting Our Children’s Future,” held in Manila, Philippines in January.  (Canadians for Decency newsletter, Winter 1995)

Search and destroy

“Most pre-natal blood testing is simply a search and destroy mission.  It offers no hope of curing, only killing.” Dr. Carm Scime, explaining that pre-natal testing often ends in abortion.  (Western Report, Jan. 23, 1995)

Remarkable record

“We have been extremely proud of the fact that the Island is the last sanctuary in terms of the abortion issue.  This is certainly a negative element in terms of maintaining that remarkable record.” Vincent MacIntyre, president of the PEI Right to Life Association, reacting to the court decision to strike down the province’s abortion funding policy.